Saturday, March 1, 2014

Description of Disco Zoo

Disco Zoo is from the creators of the game Tiny Tower!

It's a game with tiny animals but with big fun!

Ever wanted your won zoo but were concerned it would take you too much work and won't be fun anymore? NibleBit, the creator of Pocket Planes created along with Milkbag Games this brand new Disco Zoo game! I think because they wanted their own zoo too.

In the game you have to go out by a hot air balloon, helicopter or anything else to rescue animals and put them safe in your zoo. 
Each region has is own animals, when you go to a certain region you have to play a little battleship style game like minesweeper on a 5 x 5 grid. Tap on a tile to reveal what's hidden beneath it.
Uncover each piece of the animal and you can take them and put them in your Disco Zoo.
Sometimes there's nothing or coins which vary from just one to much more depending on how much animals you have.
And when you find an animal, then you're lucky because each animal is arranged in his very own pattern, so this helps you to make it a little bit easier to find all the pieces of the animals and put them in your Disco Zoo, which is the clue because the more cute fluffy animals you have the more money you can earn!

The thing that keeps you coming back to Disco Zoo is on the first place that it's a very enjoyable game which is addictive too, so you keep coming back to wake the animals up so you can earn money and buy a bigger flying object so you can go to more exotic places to discover exotic animals which can earn more money for you. You have to come back once in a while because the Animals take naps on a set schedule, and they will just sleep all the time until you wake them up.
The animals which are sleeping are not earning money so it costs you money when they sleep!
And when you find out that most of your animals sleep on the same time, you can try throwing a Disco Party in your Disco Zoo! And I'm sure you will definitely like it! Because everybody likes it!.

Because of the good combination of quickly animal rescuing together with the simple zoo management sections becomes this game more fun and very addictive to play.

Disco Zoo features bux anfd coins as currencies, that can be earned from the visitors of your Disco Zoo but as well  purchased with the in-app purchase.
But the most important thing of this app that really stands out from almost all other games is that you're not forced to purchase the in-app currencies with real money. I think this is a really big plus for this game and can be seen as an example for other game developers. 
I have played this game now for two days and have spend already more than 15 hours on it! Without any feeling of pressure to buy something with real money to play this game.
This is very nice, especially for parents, because when kids play a game they will get forced by the game after a while to spend real money on it, and with this game this is not the case!
So parents, this is the most ideal game for your kids and for your wallet!
You don't get forced to spend real money because it's pretty easy to earn money in this game, you actually don't have to do anything! (when you have animals of course!) You also get the opportunity to collect tips from the visitors which can vary from just one coin to much more the further you get in the game and have a lot of animals. (I currently have (just!) about 150 animals and got three times a tip of 1000 coins!)

You should travel to regions around the world and collect every animal from pigs to dinosaurs for your very own Disco Zoo. Discover hidden and mythical animals through casual puzzle play, which looks very easy but is hard to! Manage and expand your zoo to have as much animals as possible and maximize your earnings. Throw funky disco parties to get your animals and visitors groovin!

  • Here are the specification of this awesome free game!

  • Free
    Category: Games
    Released on 27th of February 2014
    Version: 1.0
    Size: 53,2 MB
    Language: English
    Seller (of the in app purchases): NimbleBit LLC
    Made by Milkbag Games, also copyrighted by Milkbag Games © 2014
  • Rated: 4+


Recuires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
This app is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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