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Here are some tips which can help you by playing Disco Zoo

Here are some tips to help you collect more animals and money, to expand the variety of animals of your zoo!

How to get animals in your Disco Zoo?
First you'll need to buy an aerial vehicle to fly out and collect animals.                                            
You do this by playing a kind of minesweeper game on a grid of 5x5 so 25 squares, with a certain number of guesses to uncover the tiles. From there, you need to uncover all pieces of the same animal,there are 3,4 or 5 pieces which you have to find before you rescue the animal and can put it in your zoo.
Every animal has his very own formation, for example the rabbit, which is arranged in four pieces long in vertical. Or the pig which is also devided in four pieces and the pattern of this animal is a square, so 2x2 tiles.                                                                                                                                                    
It is very important to keep these formations and number of tiles for each animal in mind, because this will make it much more easier for you to uncover all the tiles of certain animal and ''unlock'' it to put it in your Disco Zoo. You won't get any animal unlocked if there are pieces of that animal left covered beneath the tiles.
If you found animals at a round or just didn't you can try again with hopefully more luck. Playing again will cost you approximately 120 coins if you are in the very beginning of that stage untill much more when you are in later stages. But that's the rule of life, you have to start somewhere and work further more to accomplice something.                                                                                                             Once you run out of coins, you don't have to worry about that because they can be easy earned, or if you have too much money you could just buy the coins in this game. But I think you'll be wiser by just keeping your money and spending it on something important, or if you want sending it to me :) feel free to cantact me for sending money to me!
All the animals you have collected are then added to your zoo in their own stays and seperated from other region animals. You can  easy access each theme by swiping your finger on the screen. It's relatively easy to manage and understand.

How to collect money in Disco Zoo?

With each rescued animal you collect money from the visitors.                                                        
Each animal earns a certain number of coins per minute, and the more animals of the same kind you have, the more money will be earned from that specie.
There are a maximum of 5 levels for each specie, to get to the next level you need to rescue 5 animals of that specie, So for each specie you have to rescue 5x5 = 25 animals to make sure you earn the maximum for only that specie.                                                                                                                 

But the game isn't finished when you rescue 25 animals of the same specie! When this is the case, there opens a new place in your zoo called Statue Gardens, for each region there will open a new Statue Garden where you can get a statue for each animal.                                                                 

And if you thing this is it, then you are tricked! Because there are much more ''levels'', you first get a bronze statue and then a silver one followed by a golden one!                                                             

And yet, I think this isn't all, this is how far I know what's gonna happen because I play it a little too obsessed. If I get more information I will put it on this site so stay tuned!
Besides getting coins for each animal specie for every minute, the crowd/visitors of your Disco Zoo will give tips if they love or like the zoo. The amount of tips can widely vary from just one coin to so far I have discovered and got tipped 1000 coins!                                                                                    

The tips will be dropped and you can pick them up by just tapping on them.
At first, the amount of money you will have won't be much, but as you add more animals, the payout will increase and you will get higher tips.                                                                                            

Keep a close eye on all section and parts of your Disco Zoo, and listen for "dropping coin" sounds which indicate you that you got tipped. 

How to improve your collection of animal species in Disco Zoo?

It's a matter of upgrading to the stage. As you proceed through the game, you'll be able to purchase better flying vehicles with coins or Discobux (which will also be sometimes tipped or found when you try to rescue an animal or find a lost animal).
With better flying vehicles you will be able to travel further away and get to more exotic places and rescue the animals of that region. 
You can also get more attempts for rescuing animals by watching a little advertisement or by buying more attempts with your Discobux which can also be purchased with real money.                                

More attempts means that you get more chances of finding the animals of each round of the rescuing game.
You'll start with a few Discobux at the beginning, but if you want to get better right away, you may want  to purchase more using real money via in-app purchase.

How to take care for the animals in your Disco Zoo?

Usually, they keep to themselves (or are managed by someone else I don't know?), so you don't have to worry about anything like feeding them, cleaning the stays or anything like that.                         

However, the animals will fall asleep, which means the visitors won't pay you per specie per minute (and also won't tip), so you need to wake them up by taping on the screen to wake them back up, or by throwing a Disco Party (which is actually the clue of this game because it's called Disco Zoo).               

The Disco Party keeps the animals jumping around and partying which means the visitors will enjoy your zoo much more and will pay more money! Because who doesn't want to experience a huge party in a zoo with the animals dancing?! During the Disco Parties you will earn DOUBLE than what you are supposed to earn normally.                                                                                                                       

The sleeping animals don't earn anything, so keep a close eye at their stays and watch their sleep meters on the bottom of the screen to see when they will go to sleep.

How does the Disco Party work in Disco Zoo?

Once you have enough animals and Discobux collected or bought, you can start a Disco Party that increases the cash flow from visitors due to the party atmosphere, dancing animals and the party mood. You can throw parties as often as you want, and they really pay off, so hold them whenever possible, but my tip to you is to held them just before you go to sleep because throwing a party will increase the time your animals stay awake and make double money so you have a lot of profit from it!                  

But when you throw a party when you'll continue playing don't forget to collect the tips from your visitors.  

Do I have to pay for anything in Disco Zoo?

It depends on your addiction level and if you can afford it to just spend money on something unimportant. If you really want to pay for this game, you can buy coins or Discobux via in-App purchase.
Coins were first available for $9.99 for 100,000 coins, and the price of Discobux ranged anywhere from $0.99 for 10 to $29.99 for 2,000. It depends on the amount you need and the amount you want to spend.
But as you can see beneath, they have changed the prices. The makers of this game have made all the items it a bit more expensive.
The pictures and prices from beneath are recent one's.
You can play this game without spending any money, because the creators have made it unnecessary to buy anything with real money.

And as you see here beneath the prices vary from just $1.29 to $38.99. I'll also put beneath a list of every in-App purchase object with the amount/value you have to pay for it. I will show you the prices in the following currencies: US Dollar, Brittisch Pounds and European Euro's

In-App purchases of Disco Zoo
In-App Purchases

I will show you the prices in the following currencies: US Dollar, Brittisch Pounds and European Euro's

US Dollar  $
British Pounds
European Euro’s
10  DiscoBux
$ 1.29
£ 0.69
€ 0.89
100 DiscoBux
$ 6.49
£ 2.99
€ 4.49
1000 DiscoBux
$ 24.99
£ 13.99
€ 17.99
2000 DiscoBux
$ 38.99
£ 20.99
€ 26.99
100.000 Coins
$ 13.99
£ 6.99
€ 8. 99
$ 4.19

£ ??.??
€ 2.69

And this are the top in app purchased items, so the ones which are been bought frequently.

1. Pack of 10 DiscoBux              $ 1.29
2. Pack of 100 DiscoBux            $ 6.49
3. ZooPedia                               $ 4.19
4. Pack of 100.000 coins           $ 13.99
5. Pack of 2000 DiscoBux          $ 38.99
6. Pack of 1000 DiscoBux          $ 24.99


  1. you really wrote all of that for this game?

    1. Jup....
      Hahaha, I needed some information about this game to get better, and couldn't find any, so I thought that I wouldn't be the only one and made this site up to help others too.
      Did this site help you anyway?

  2. The British price for the ZooPedia is £1.99 :)