Saturday, March 1, 2014


Here I will tell you something about hacks for this game.

As everyone knows, there are always hackers who make a hack for a game. And I thing there exist at least one hack for each game that exists!
But I don't like the hacking a game to become better, because I think it's much more important to enjoy the game and not just getting a high score, because literally what are you getting when you have the topscore and didn't enjoy the game? Exactly nothing, just to talk big,  jeah if you have the highest score in Disco Zoo you will be really popular and the girls will hang on your lips definetely. NOT

So this is actually also an another reason why I don't do in-app purchases, because I don't care about my score I just want to enjoy my game and relax a bit.

But if you want to be the really cool boy/girl who has the highest score, go on, I'm sure you'll find tons of hacks on  because this game will get really popular I guess, so people will make hacks for it.

But watch out, if there are people who make hacks to get you a higher score, there will be also definetely be people who want to do something bad for people, and will upload a trojan horse or virus or whatever which will harm your iPhone iPad or iPod.
I know this because I have experienced something like this a few years ago on my iPod, and untill now I couldn't get it away or reset it. :(

I hope that I have informed you enough about hacks for the awesome game Disco Zoo and I hope that you will just enjoy this game.

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